OptimiDoc Cloud Client 23.10 release notes

Release notes - OptimiDoc Cloud Client 23.10

[IMPROVEMENT] - macOS Client - Unnecessarily large margins
[IMPROVEMENT] - macOS Client - datacenter selection scrolling
[IMPROVEMENT] - macOS Client - Unavailable printer scrolling
[IMPROVEMENT] - macOS client reinstall all printers on synchronization
[IMPROVEMENT] - macOS Client - Implement autostart
[IMPROVEMENT] - macOS - "application was not closed correctly" dialog from macOS installer removed
[IMPROVEMENT] - Windows/macOS Client - improved handling of locale characters in printer names
[IMPROVEMENT] - Windows/macOS Client - Old/unused data Sanitization
[IMPROVEMENT] - Windows Client - unavailable MFP handling
[IMPROVEMENT] - Windows Client - auto logout&add message when the token is expired

[BUGFIX] - macOS Client - Force white mode
[BUGFIX] - macOS - Installer fails due to users permission
[BUGFIX] - macOS - Adjust print service to support macOS 386 architecture
[BUGFIX] - macOS Client - json is deserialized as null exception
[BUGFIX] - macOS Client - Client only copies content of /Library folder and ignore others
[BUGFIX] - macOS Client - Trim disallowed characters in the printer name
[BUGFIX] - macOS Client - datacenter selection return
[BUGFIX] - macOS Client - verification code allows characters
[BUGFIX] - macOS Client - driver sync issue
[BUGFIX] - macOS client - error (missing files) during communication between UI and service
[BUGFIX] - Windows/macOS Client - Fix Client deprecated design of LPD service issues
[BUGFIX] - Windows/macOS Client freezes when internet connection is disconnected
[BUGFIX] - Windows/macOS - Prevent logininfo.json from locking
[BUGFIX] - Windows/macOS Client - unavailable printer behavior
[BUGFIX] - Windows Client - automatic deletion of random printers
[BUGFIX] - Windows Client - manually typed datacenter is ignored
[BUGFIX] - Windows Client - cannot resend print job from unavailable MFP to print connector
[BUGFIX] - Windows Client - Documents downloading does not work properly
[BUGFIX] - Windows Client - Document downloads randomly stop
[BUGFIX] - Windows Client - Folder selection
[BUGFIX] - Windows Client - user can open folder browser multiple times at the same moment
[BUGFIX] - Windows Client won't remember saved settings
[BUGFIX] - Windows Client - Printers are often deleted - showing Unexpected behavior detected and More than 10% of printers were changed
[BUGFIX] - Windows Client - Tray icon logged-in user does not match the logged-in user