Access Denied for Components

If you're seeing the following error, the IIS_IUSRS user group doesn't have access rights to components:

The following steps should solve the issue:


1. Open the Component Services application. It can be found in Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Component Services.
2. In the left most menu, select Component Services > Computers. Right-click My Computer and click Properties.
3.Open the COM Security tab.
4.In the Access Permissions section, click Edit Default...
5. Add the IIS_IUSRS group. Once added, give the group all access rights.
6. Do the same in the Launch and Activation Permissions section of the same tab.
7. Click My Computer, then click DCOM Config, and finally click ABBY FineReader 11.1 Engine Loader.
8. Right click Properties and navigate to the Security tab.
9. Under Launch and Activation Permissions select Customize, click Edit and Add the IIS_IUSRS group and give it all rights.
10. Repeat the same for Access Permisions and Configuration Permissions.
11. After saving the settings and restarting IIS, the issue should be solved.