How to get the best support possible?

What and how to tell us?


We believe OptimiDoc is easy to install and manage too as well as user friendly enough. But under the hood it’s still software which has been developed by our team of great minds. Therefore in its essence it is a complicated system with many variables entering the process of printing and capturing. So more we know, about the issues and problems you face at the initial stage, the quicker we can get to the solution.

Here we summarize several tips and hints on how to ease and speed up the process of resolving all requests you send us.


License Number – the customer license number tells us who are we dealing with, the number of devices, the importance of the customer, SLA level, version support and access to upgrades.

Product, Version – your issue might be related to a particular build of OptimiDoc. Basically when you are not running the latest version there is a chance we’ve already fixed it. So no matter you use OptimiDoc Server or Cloud please include the product version for us to know what are we dealing with.

Operating System of Server and Workstation – some issues could be related to specific OS and it’s updates. Also check whether you are running the supported operating system.

Brand, Model and Driver of affected device – there are particular devices affected by specific issues hence it will be good to know whether you are using that particular device or not. Provide us with information about the driver you are using containing PCL/PS specification– some rules might be affected by this driver.

Logs, Screenshots or details of the problem – often an image tells more than a thousand words. On the other hand we know how to handle and identify error messages in log files so attach logs as well. Check the log level you are sending to us and if needed change its level (link). Be specific about the details of the problem - including at what time it appeared, users affected (including user name/login), and generally what should we search for in the log, so we don't have to go through the whole log. You can give us a little more context on the situation. Such as, when did this issue begin happening, has it been occurring consistently, or does it happen on and off; or if you have tried any solutions on your own.


When you have all that gathered, send it over to us. Based on this initial information we might come up with additional questions but generally it will provide us with basic context about the current problem you are facing.

All information you send us will be treated with care in relation to our privacy policy.