How to get the best support possible?

What and how to tell us? We believe OptimiDoc is easy to install and manage too as well as user friendly enough. But under the hood it’s still software which has been developed by our team of great minds. Therefore in its essence it is a complicated system with many variables entering the process of printing and capturing. So more we know, about the issues and problems you face at the initial stage, the quicker we can get to the solution. Here we summarize several tips and hints on how to e...

No scan in scan destination

Problem: We have created new scan workflow. After scanning, the document file is not transfered to specified directory. Solution: In Scan destinations choose Edit and check the following: Are Login and Password filled in? Deletion of these 2 values and than clicking on Save can solve the problem. More detailed explanation - if you allow remember the entry data (login) for browser, the wrong values can be automatically filled; please check it, there is sometimes a problem. Recommendatio...

Local USB printers accounting

Problem: Question about the accounting possibilities of print jobs from local (usb) printers. Solution: We have the Print Monitor, which is monitoring windows spooler (it needs to be installed in local workstation to monitor the local spooler).

Removing page with barcode

Problem: We would like to use document Separation via Barcode. If we select Remove page with barcode, the zone values do not get inserted into the filename. Solution: If zone value is found in page with barcode (and this page you set to remove), this behaviour of application is correct. After the page with barcode was being removed, from this page cannot get any information due to the logical sequence of processing (cannot read anything from removed page).

Multidimensional set of data

Problem: Is it possible to get a report from OptimiDoc with differentiation into the particular tasks including names of tasks? Solution: It is possible in case of using SQL server standard edition or higher edition via implementation of OLAP (online analytical processing).

Windows Event Viewer log

If we ask you to send us the log from Windows Event Viewer you can follow these steps: 1) Open Event Viewer. 2) Choose Event Viewer (Local), as follows Windows Logs and as follows Application (tree structure on the left side). 3) After right clicking on item Application, choose Save All Events As. Save as type: Event Files (*evtx). 4) In the next window please choose No display information and click OK. Send us saved file.

Change of log level

Changing level of service log: - Open the file NLog.config located in <OptimiDoc>/Services. - Locate this line: <logger name="*" minlevel="Info" writeTo="txt" /> and change minlevel="Info" to minlevel="Trace". - Use OptimiDoc until the error occurs. - Send us the OptimiDoc service logs. - Then change minlevel="Trace" back to minlevel="Info". Changing level of web log: - Open the file NLog.config located in <OptimiDoc>/WebApp. - Locate this line: <logg...

Which driver should be used?

Problem: Question about driver to use (options: pcl 6 or 5 or PS; this company uses SAP solution). Solution: Our recommendation is pcl 6 driver to use (due to less data demands).

Prices of paper formats from MS SQL DB

Problem: Advanced question about pricelist (need to display prices of particular paper formats directly from MS SQL database). Solution: Execute following query in SQL Server Management Studio: select [format], sum(BlackwhiteImpression) as bw, sum(ReducedColourImpression) as reduced, sum(StandardColourImpression) as color, sum(price) as price from [Accountings] a inner join copies c on a.Copy_Id = c.Id where c.De vice_Id = 5 and c.[Type] <> 3 and c.Finished > '2016-06-10...