Performance counters error

You may face problem with Performance Counters which we are using to load statistics etc., they can get stuck sometime usually after the Windows updates and the problem is related to Windows however there is a fix that you can use, based on these two articles you can manually rebuild these performance counters:

Access Denied for Components

If you're seeing the following error, the IIS_IUSRS user group doesn't have access rights to components: The following steps should solve the issue: 1. Open the Component Services application. It can be found in Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Component Services. 2. In the left most menu, select Component Services > Computers. Right-click My Computer and click Properties. 3.Open the COM Security tab. 4.In the Access Permissions section, click Edit Defaul...

Upgrade OD v.5 to v.6

Problem: We are using OptimiDoc version 5 now. We would like to upgrade to OD version 6. Solution: Version 6 has different parsers, at first you will install OptimiDoc via installer for version 6.13 (available at Partner portal) and then you can use the patch for higher version (actually patch for version 6.14). More details of installation procedure below in steps: 1. Very important: If you are using the local DB, please create a back up copies of database files, new major version during t...

Connection test to current database during installation

Problem: Question about the „Test“ button to test connection to existing MS SQL server during OptimiDoc installation. Some window appears for a moment and quickly disappears. What does the result of test look like? Solution: The „Test“ button writes only the error codes. In case of no answer, the configuration is correct.