OptimiDoc Cloud v23.09 release notes

We are excited to announce a major update to our OptimiDoc Cloud platform, including terminal apps improvements.
The upcoming release brings the following improvements:
•    New Kyocera and Ricoh embedded applications - new UI of the application with improvements and bug fixes
•    Integration with SHARP (beta)
•    Improved OptimiDoc Cloud Client
•    Changes to OCR engine
•    OCN improvements

Release notes - Cloud data centre 23.09

[BUGFIX] - Azure AD import - webhooks registration issue
[BUGFIX] - Azure AD - import does not work correctly
[BUGFIX] - Google Workspace - import issue
[BUGFIX] - Hide WFs on Workplace if Per Device model is active

Release notes - OptimiDoc Cloud Node (OCN) 23.09

[FEATURE] - Add reset to factory settings button
[IMPROVEMENT] - add possibility to configure network locally
[BUGFIX] - SignalR attempt to reconnect after network connection failed

SHARP integration (beta)

[FEATURE] - New vendor integration

Release notes - Kyocera 23.09

[FEATURE] - Kyocera New UI

[IMPROVEMENT] - hide StackTrace messages
[IMPROVEMENT] - add options if device is disabled
[IMPROVEMENT] - Print all OCN jobs

[BUGFIX] - wrong name of the print job
[BUGFIX] - logout button does not work
[BUGFIX] - delete button won't remove whole field
[BUGFIX] - Missing Box icon
[BUGFIX] - deleting text opens the keyboard
[BUGFIX] - return to the menu when the scan is complete
[BUGFIX] - missing close button
[BUGFIX] - password-protected scanned document password problem
[BUGFIX] - wrong date display
[BUGFIX] - cannot open SharePoint site
[BUGFIX] - Close table after successful print
[BUGFIX] - document remains marked after printing
[BUGFIX] - print job remains in the spooler after printing
[BUGFIX] - sort print jobs in connector by date
[BUGFIX] - Files aren't printed according to sending time
[BUGFIX] - printing process information
[BUGFIX] - jobs reporting and accounting
[BUGFIX] - Job assembly does not work
[BUGFIX] - Redirecting after successful print
[BUGFIX] - missing "use/swipe your card" text on login screen
[BUGFIX] - upgrade procedure causes app malfunction
[BUGFIX] - init menu prefilled with cloudbeta DC
[BUGFIX] - Print connector should not have "Delete" button
[BUGFIX] - Card sign in is not working on server
[BUGFIX] - Messages and pop ups are not centered in the layout

Release notes - Ricoh 1.3

[FEATURE] - Ricoh New UI

[IMPROVEMENT] - Card assignment close button, no empty pin
[IMPROVEMENT] - duplex mode default settings
[IMPROVEMENT] - stapling mode
[IMPROVEMENT] - A3 detection
[IMPROVEMENT] - Remote authentication from OCN
[IMPROVEMENT] - Priting from cloud storages - virtual spooler
[IMPROVEMENT] - Date and time to print jobs
[IMPROVEMENT] - finishing options based on device capability
[IMPROVEMENT] - Search option for cloud storages
[IMPROVEMENT] - Scan setting in two columns
[IMPROVEMENT] - ODS - add search field to user list parameter
[IMPROVEMENT] - card assignment behavior
[IMPROVEMENT] - add reset to default settings in printing section

[BUGFIX] - Intelligent view does not work on modern devices terminal
[BUGFIX] - wrongly configured server URL causes app crash
[BUGFIX] - Print All - does not reflect users on screen choice always processed with server settings
[BUGFIX] - keyboard opens automatically, when PIN field is not clicked
[BUGFIX] - number of copies selected via driver not used when printing
[BUGFIX] - accounting of internal jobs (native copy) not sent to portal
[BUGFIX] - Server session is expired on server when logout period is longer on terminal
[BUGFIX] - Job assemby does not work
[BUGFIX] - Search / New folder field design
[BUGFIX] - sort the jobs on the terminal by date
[BUGFIX] - Files aren't printed according to sending time
[BUGFIX] - close the tab automatically after printing
[BUGFIX] - print job is shown in spooler after printing
[BUGFIX] - workflow settings are opened even when parameters aren't required
[BUGFIX] - missing date for jobs in cloud storages
[BUGFIX] - user can perform scan without filling required parameters
[BUGFIX] - User list insufficient permissions

Release notes - OCR 23.09

[BUGFIX] - Separation by barcode - PDF with text layer adds barcodes to previous file, last one has no barcode
[BUGFIX] - Scan aborted - Access Denied
[BUGFIX] - Punch holes do not get to be removed completel
[BUGFIX] - Server responded with status code 404
[BUGFIX] - Barcodes are extracted and assigned to the different file


Don't hesitate to contact us for more information on certain bugfixes or Cloud platform parts.