OptimiDoc Cloud Client 23.11 release notes

Release notes - OptimiDoc Cloud Client 23.11

[BUGFIX] - macOS Client opens in the background
[BUGFIX] - macOS client - error (missing files) during communication between UI and service
[BUGFIX] - Windows Client - Synchronize printers button randomly does not work
[BUGFIX] - Windows Client - Duplicating a printer when changing drivers
[BUGFIX] - Windows Client - Document Downloader keeps downloading the same document
[BUGFIX] - Windows Client - Logging document downloads
[BUGFIX] - Print to unknown printer kills Client
[BUGFIX] - Client - Unavailable printer popup issue
[BUGFIX] - Printers are often deleted - showing Unexpected behavior detected and More than 10% of printers were changed
[BUGFIX] - email of logged user is not shown